About Us

Flexible Manufacturing LLC (FMi) was started in the fall of 2001 by a technical team specialized in high technology printed circuit board assemblies. The company's initial focus was on developing and offering flexible printed circuit assembly services such as surface mount technology, wire bonding on substrate, and flip chip on substrate. Quickly thereafter, the services were expanded to include through-hole printed circuit assembly and electromechanical assembly for box-build products such as high power supplies for the telecom and internet infrastructure.

The year 2003 indicated a turning point in FMi's focus. Following a steady flow of specific requests from existing customer for assistance from FMi's rapidly expanding engineering team to help solving problem with their products, the company evolved from an assembly service company, building pilot series for companies as HP, IBM and Hitachi, into a genuine product development company, with a focus on researching, developing and launching new technologically advanced products.

This background has lead to an impressive track record of successfully developed and launched electronic and electromechanical products covering a very diverse range of markets and applications. The first product was a new generation payment kiosk, called Payment Island Center (PIC), developed for BP, to handle payments for gasoline purchases, and included aspects of financial transaction processing, security, safety and interfacing with other systems. A large number of FMi's PICs are installed across the United States and they are still being installed, maintained and serviced by FMi's field service group.

The knowledge and experience gained by FMi's engineering team during this project spurred the development and introduction of new products that are also related to petroleum sales and convenience store technology. Examples of these products include Point-of-Sale transaction processing components, Automated Teller Machines, financial kiosks offering any imaginable financial transaction ranging from paying utility bills to purchasing prepaid phone cards and making wire transfers, digital video surveillance systems, alarm systems, and privacy and identity protection devices.

The slate of researchers and engineers that are part of the FMi team has grown impressively over the years and includes members with various doctorate degrees, former college professors in field as applied physics, electronic engineering, and radar technology with many patents, awards and publications in their names, as well as members of the Inventors Hall of Fame. As of today, FMi is an ISO that own and operates over 1,000 ATMs, and has manufactured and deployed over 3,000 outdoor, debit processing payment kiosks. In order to safeguard these investments and in the interest of the general public, FMi has dedicated their top product development team to developing identity theft solutions, with the goal of becoming the leader in cost effective anti-skim and PIN protection solutions.