PIC - Payment Island Cashier

The Payment Island Cashier was specifically designed to assist in increasing volume at the gas pumps without adding expensive personnel or cashiers inside the store. This will decrease your overhead and in turn decrease your operational costs.

This product can interface into most existing POS systems via IEEE-485 connection with ease for direct feedback on volume sold, status and receipt printout.
Financial Kiosk

FMiATM, Inc. is a nationwide network of automated Financial Service terminals. We operate over 1,000 self-serve terminals across the United States and offer an easy way for people "on-the-go" to process everyday transactions including convenient ATM cash access, money transfer, bill payment, prepaid products, money order and DVD rental.

Our company designs, manufacturers and markets automated, self-serve terminals.

Now more than ever, consumers are looking for a satisfying customer experience. That\ís why FMI has developed a partnership with FISCAL. Fiscal point of Sale Systems has developed a powerful.

FMI also provides a complete backoffice for full inventory management with connectivity to vendors and the corporate warehouse. Tie multiple stores together to the FMI Headquarters system.