Ground Probing Radar for Subsoil Service Detection

It can detect and localize cables, pipelines (metallic and plastic), wire mesh, rebar. Colour image displayed immediately during the detection on standard PC by wireless communication, with information about thickness, depth and location.

  • Depth of penetration: 5 meters
  • High space resolution: 10 cm in concrete
  • High space accuracy: 1 cm
  • Optical Encoder profile-meter
  • Fast acquiring rate: 100 traces
  • Wide dynamic range on radar image: > 90 dB
  • Long battery autonomy: > 8h
  • Rugged case for heavy use
  • Stepped Frequency Continuous Wave RADAR
  • Bandwidth: 200-800 MHz
  • Wireless communication to standard PC or notebook far to 100 m (standard 802.11b-g)
  • All-In-One GPR (Antennas + RF + DSP)
  • No memory limits
  • GPR, HGPR displaying
  • Post-Processing (2D and 3D)
  • Only 5 Kg
  • Ultra Low Cost GPR system
Ground Probing Radar for Subsoil Service Detection

How does it work?